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Accessorize in Glam- Your Holiday Shoe Guide

‘Tis the season we have all been waiting for where we can break out the glitter, sequins, gold and reds and all that is glam!! It’s holiday season, ladies. Get ready for the some of the most exquisite fabrics and standout colors that will have every holiday party talking. We rounded up a few of our favorites and put together a little ‘J.Renee’ Holiday Shoe Guide.’ We want to help you be at your best during these festive times.



Every woman feels a little bit more confident with the sexy height of a stiletto heel. This gorgeous evening shoe is complimented with an ankle strap for security while elongating your legs and finished with a stunning jewel embellishment. Who wouldn’t be staring in this gem?





When your little black dress needs a festive twist, this unique and thoughtful heel is gorgeously crafted in rhinestones to give a luxurious and ultra glam appeal. Watch out party people the woman wearing this is not just sophisticated but has an innovative fashion sense.




We try not to have favorites around here but this one is special. This carefully and beautifully crafted pointed toe slingback is one of those special shoes for all women; the sophisticated woman, the elegant woman, the trendy woman, the edgy woman, the daring woman. This shoe makes every woman have that extra special feeling, the one that makes you can’t wait for a party to wear it to.




This shoe is the life of the party and we love the ultra femme feel it gives just by looking at it! Not only does it catch your eye with its playful party ready bow but it’s covered in luxe glitter fabric giving your feet something to sparkle about!



Transitioning into Fall 2016

It is hard to imagine the heat of the summer will ever end, but FALL is around the corner! Before we know it we will be nestled into our boots, scarves, oversized sweaters and leather jackets. Can you tell I have been dreaming of these days already?

You often hear us talk about “transitional style” and that is because it can be a confusing time for your wardrobe. It is officially September but we are not technically into the fall season so we are not quite ready for boots and bulky sweaters, BUT we are ready to start putting sandals away and adding in some fall style layers to our summer attire.

So in lieu of that we have put together some fashionable staples to help you shift into the next season with ease and trend setting style. The beautiful thing about this time of year is you typically you already have these pieces in your closet- you just have to mix and match them differently.

Check it out…

Whether with jeans, shorts or your summer style tank a long cardigan not only helps get in gear for fall, but it is also a very slimming staple to have.We selected nude accessories because having neutral tone flats and handbags is a must because they are timeless and versatile.



 High-waisted skirts that hit just below the knee have been a huge trend lately and why wouldn't it? They are chic, sophisticated and fabulous. When sporting your go-to skirt try pairing it with a lightweight sweater and fall-inspired accessories! We paired this look with our fabulous new pointed-tie lace ups, Ellam, as well as our on sale shooties, Myra!


This next look is probably the easiest to pull off!! We are in love with plaid scarves for fall and you will see them everywhere! So as the weather cools try accessorizing with your plaid scarf over a dress and add in a comfortable platform like Melenne or a touch of leopard with our Geezelouise flat.

undefinedDresses are still a big part of your fall wardrobe so continue to pull those out now and into the season but a great way to still wear the ones you have is to throw on a lightweight longer jacket. Again- this helps with the slimming factor and is still in line with the upcoming seasonal trends. You can still sport wedge like our Prys or try a rich tone flat like our Marenda!



Summer Trends 2016

The cool Spring breeze is shortly turning into the heat of the Summer and with the new season comes all new exciting trends to look forward to. I love to see the runways sporting new looks and outlandish styles; some we have never seen or oldies that have been refreshed and revamped. Because we always have women’s shoes on the brain we look at these hot trends, gain inspiration and then take it to create our own unique fashion forward designs, keeping in mind comfort, style and realistic wearability. We always want J.Renee’ to be a place where you can find a shoe or handbag that fits all your occasions whether you are going to church, a wedding, work or lunch with your friends. So even when we see crazy couture fashion there is always something unique we can pull from that to give you a shoe that makes sense for your lifestyle while also keeping you inline with the latest fashions. As women we want to be comfortable and put together, but we also want to make a fashion statement down to our shoes!

So -this season we saw TONS of new things but picked out 4 of our favorite trends we think you will find most wearable whether within your outfit or your shoes!

#1- Rainbow Clashes
From Spring to Summer at J.Renee we like to really “Color outside the lines” using lots of color splashes in our footwear because who doesn’t want to brighten up their feet in the sunny season! When we saw the rainbow clash we were ecstatic because we were already ahead of the curve on this one. Mix and match your rainbow inspired style from head to toe and create a standout fashion that people will compliment you on from day to night! We selected our Erma sandal and Brendy wedge with their delightful color blends that embody this trend in an elegant and chic way.


#2- Lace It Up
Oh the loveliness of lace. There is something about lace that creates a romantic look that only it can do. In the heat of the summer it creates that much needed breezy look and feel and gives such an effortless elegance to your attire whether you are at work, a wedding or an upscale brunch. We selected our Garbi slingback and our Makenzie pump with their thoughtful lace details giving you a one of a kind finish.


#3 Pleated Satin
Satin has been a J.Renee favorite from day one! Satin always gives you that look and feel of luxury that every woman deserves and desires. When we saw that pleated satin was covering the runway we were thrilled. Whether it’s on a maxi dress, skirt, and especially a shoe we adore it! We selected our Caralee slingback with its sleek satin pleats along with our Blinda pump to give you that touch of this trend for your special occasion outings.


#4 Lightweight Denim
Denim is fortunately a trend you will continue to see throughout each season because of its versatility. Denim has the beautiful ability to keep you casual and stylish and take you day and night without switching shoes or even outfits. It is a way to stay on trend, but looking as if you weren’t trying to because of how effortlessly stylish it is. We love to use this material in our shoes whether through a wedge with intricate embellishments, like our Jenay slide wedge, combined with a sexy strap in our Sarila wedge, or in your everyday sandal with Erma.


If you want to check out even more trends hop on over to our sister brand, L’Amour Des Pieds and see what is inspiring them this Summer

Mother's Day Gift Guide

When we think about women overall, we are inspired by their strength, courage and beauty. When we think about women who are mothers, we are in awe of their selflessness, endurance, bravery, perseverance and ability to do it all even when they think they don't. Mother's Day is around the corner and it has us reflecting on the women who selflessly and lovingly raise children into this world.

This is a day we should give our mother's the absolute best! Mothers have the hardest job out there and deserve to be pampered & praised. They are the first to show up, the last to go to bed, the quickest to forgive, the last to eat because they are busily feeding everyone else. They are the one we rely on, the one we trust, the one who loves us no matter what we do, the one who has less so we can have more. She is our rock!

Being a mom is a job that never ends because she never stops loving, giving, thinking and praying for her children whether they are a newborn or a 40 year-old adult. The feeling she has towards her children cannot easily be described and the love she has for them is hard to put into words. There is nothing more beautiful, challenging, emotional or physically grueling...especially on those feet!! Haha!! Mothers give beyond their physical strength and shower their children in love even when they have been hurt to the core. They have forgotten what sleep is and have mastered the messy bun, short hair, comfortable shoes and hats! #lowmaintenance

If you are a mother - you are a tender warrior that deserves it all because you GIVE your ALL. We want you to know that we HONOR you! We BELIEVE in you, we APPLAUD you and want you to know that you INSPIRE us. We hope you receive back the love you have given to your children and others. You are a jewel and you are BEAUTIFUL!

We know mothers can put themselves and their closet on the back burner, so their children can have all they need. We know you don't have a lot of time to think about your wardrobe; you have children bustling around your house and schedules to keep. We hope you are showered in fabulous this holiday, especially with shoes that will make you step out in confidence, pride and a splash of mom-needed comfort.

For Mother's Day, spoil your mom or yourself with shoes that take fabulous to a new level. After all, you know a new pair of shoes can make an everyday outfit feel completely new!

Just like moms, who come in all shapes and sizes, so do our shoes, in a variety of sizes and widths: Narrows (7-9), Medium (5-13), Wide (7-13) & even Wide Wide Widths (7-13) to give our hard-working moms the all day, every day comfort AND fabulous style they deserve! We all know that when we do just one thing to make ourselves feel more visibly pulled together we FEEL better physically and mentally. A print or bright colored shoe is just one thing to make you feel you are on trend. A little wedge helps make you walk a little taller and with a touch more confidence. You don't need a whole new wardrobe to up your "mom look". Accessorize with shoes that make you and your look feel like a new woman who fell out of a magazine and just happens to have children!

Check out some of our mom inspired looks that will help you pick a pair of fabulous shoes to suit any occasion you may find yourself in. For extra shoe fabulousness check out the final inspiration for standout beauties! # Shoes # ShoeLove #ShoeJunkies #Women #YouDeserveIt #StayFabulous

Happy Mother's Day!!














 Also- be sure to check out our sister brand L'Amour Des Pieds for additional shoe choices with a personalized comfort fit! 

Wedding Style from Bride to Guest

 Warmer weather is upon us and things are in bloom, especially when it comes to wedding season. Weddings are such beautiful occasions that embody love, hope, dancing, food, fun and of course beautiful attire and shoes, shoes, shoes from bride to guest. We love weddings and the opportunity to dress to the nines and love it even more when brides, bridesmaids, mother of the bride/groom or guest choose to celebrate in our J.Reneé shoes!

This season we have seen so many lovely and elegant bridal trends of flowing garments, lace, satin, metallics, jewel tones and eye-catching embellishments. But those trends don't just stop at bridal attire but also bridal shoes, bridesmaids shoes, mother of the bride/groom shoes right down to the wedding guests! We put together some J.Reneé shoe spotlights alongside some of our bridal outfit inspirations and favorites this wedding season.



In this first look we have the classic bride. We adore this look from J.Crew because it has the simplicity of white and a flattering empire waist and flowy silhouette on top of a innovative twist with the shoulder detail. We paired this elegant ensemble with the perfect bridal shoe in our J.Reneé Jadan, a satin slingback that adds an eye-catching vintage inspired embellishment on the toe to give a unique and memorable step that makes a bride feel as special as her day.



The bridesmaid's dress does not have to be one you dread wearing. This gorgeous jewel tone dress compliments any skin tone, boasts intricate lace details and a slimming empire waist giving an elongating and elegant silhouette every bridesmaid desires. We also gave our bridesmaid something else to look forward to right down to her toes in a bridesmaid shoe that will have everyone talking! Our J.Reneé shoe, Impulse, is a jeweled open-toe slingback that will make you feel as special as the bride and one bridesmaid shoe you will actually look for an occasion to wear again and again! And don't worry we have all your bridesmaids covered with shoe sizes ranging from 5-13 PLUS narrow-wide to suit everyone's comfort level in shoes so you can dance the night away!



As mother of the bride or groom, we know it is a big day for you. You are excited for this monumental moment that let's face it you have probably been thinking about since the day you got married... or maybe even before that! We also know that all eyes are on you when you come down the aisle. We want you to look elegant, sophisticated, feminine and have that youthful, happy mother of the groom/bride glow. We chose this exquisite lace floor length gown. We love this look for our mothers because of the thoughtfulness to details in the lace, the slimming touches of long sleeves, cinched satin waist with eyes on the jewel tone embellishment and the mermaid flare giving you shape with sophistication. We completed this mother of the groom/bride look with our J.Reneé shoe, Veeva, giving a sleek and shimmering polished finish.



The guest- which might be one of the most fun to dress because it is a time you can break out that dress you have been dying to wear and have not found the occasion to do so. We styled our guest in what we like to call elegant glam in a knee length cocktail dress with blush undertones and sequin shine. We paired this evening ensemble with our J.Reneé evening shoe, SuzannaToo, to give her legs a sky high appeal.

We hope your special bridal day is filled with love and beauty from the inside out! At J.Reneé we want to accessorize your feet in bridal shoes that give you the look, thoughtfulness, uniqueness and feel you have been dreaming of whether you are the bride, the bridesmaids, the mother or the guest because we know you deserve it!

Also- If you chose J.Reneé shoes for your special day we want to know about it! Tag us or send us pictures of your special day accessorized in J.Reneé shoes at info@jrenee.com!!

Also don't forget to check out our sister brand, L' Amour Des Pieds for a total luxe comfort experience that will have you dreaming of the honeymoon!


Spring Trend Spotlights

So … you’re sick of your sweaters, the novelty of those fantastic boots has worn off, and you’re dreaming of spring. We get it! We are too. The good news is, it’s just around the corner, and it’s time to get in a warm-weather mindset by planning your spring wardrobe with some fabulous new trends and of course new shoes! There are so many lovely new arrivals here at J.Reneé for the upcoming seasons that we know you will find a fit for any occasion!

So take a look at our favorite spring fashion trends, fresh off the runway:


Denim, Denim, and More Denim

Who doesn’t love denim? It’s easy, versatile, and fun – and we haven’t seen this much of it since the 70’s! Jean dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, shirts, and even gowns were all over the runway.Have fun with it – anything goes and we love it which is why we created, Jenay, a platform wedge crafted in the high fashion of denim and embellished with rhinestone encrusted detailing!



Spanish Style Influences

Are you dreaming of Spain in the spring? Hints of Spanish culture popped up on runways everywhere. Think lots of red, beautiful sleeves, tiers and ruffles, and a fair amount of flounce.

It’s bold and romantic. To show our love for this drama inspired trend check out our Ranita pump with its ultra femme silhouette with bright red pops to show off your Spanish flair!



Lingerie Dressing

Think this trend isn’t for you? Think again - it can be done tastefully. A slip dress, some well-placed lace on a silky fabric, supple satin, and a hint of sheerness takes lingerie out of the boudoir and onto the street.

Still not convinced? Wear a pair of elevated pj’s - two piece pajama-inspired sets are beautiful and classy. Wondering how you can incorporate it into your footwear? With shoes that boast accents of lace, rhinestones, mesh and satin. Our Garbi slingback with its soft white hue and crafted in intricate lace detailing embodying the lingerie trend!



Victorian-Inspired Clothing

Ruffles, puffy sleeves, high collars, and florals. These Victorian-era influences are popping up everywhere. Romantic and lady-like, we think more is more.

Who said romance is dead especially when you slip on our J.Reneé Amazze JJ with its sky high heel, floral print and glittering trim and bow finish creating the ultimate in this romantic trend.



Sparkle and Shine

If you love J.Reneé you know how we love sparkle, so the return of anything shiny and eye-catching is great fun for us to see. This trend loves to show off sequins, satin, rhinestones and let us not forget metallics! 

Check out one of our newest arrivals, Francie, that lights up the room no matter what angle you look at it with its glittering and exquisitely placed rhinestones!